Fine Arts Department

The creative process is a significant enriching and fulfilling part of life and is important in the general education of all students.  Accordingly, the art department provides a dimension to the curriculum that helps students develop their innate creative skills by encouraging them to visually express their feelings and perceptions of the world around them.  This is done in an environment that advocates observation, inquiry, thought, sharing, imagination, and support for one another.  Encouraging the development of the student’s own creative skills and respect for the work of others will lead to a greater appreciation of the arts for a lifetime.

Introductory Art

722 – Introductory Art, College Prep Level 1 – One Semester Course
This course is required of sophomores.  The aim of Introductory Art is to develop drawing and painting skills as well as to teach students the language of visual arts.  We will discuss the elements of art: line, color, shape, form, space, and texture.  Accompanying art projects will be done in the areas of drawing, painting, and design and will reflect the information discussed in class.

Intermediate Art

730 – Intermediate Art, College Prep Level 1 – One Semester Course
The Intermediate Art class will give the student the opportunity to further develop those skills acquired in the Introductory Art class.  Emphasis will be placed on both the refinement of drawing techniques involving the principles of perspective, spatial relationships and design, and more advanced painting techniques.  Three dimensional design and printmaking techniques will also be explored.

Studio Art

740 – Studio Art, College Prep Level 1 – Two Semester Course
This junior/senior course provides the student with the time to explore a wide variety of media and techniques.  Class time will be spent on more involved and time-consuming projects than previously attempted and sequential drawing exercises will be completed weekly as homework assignments.  Emphasis will be placed on assembling a substantial body of works which could be used as a portfolio by those wishing to further their art interests in college.  Department approval is required.

Graphic Design

753 – Graphic Design, College Prep Level 1 – One Semester Course
This course will explore the world of graphic design through projects done by hand and on the computer.  The basic elements and principles of design will be stressed in all work and the concepts of typography, layout and composition will be addressed.  Students will learn traditional and contemporary letter forms through the use of traditional lettering instruments and various computer fonts.  Creative problem solving skills will be used to develop graphic design products for a fictional client.  Students are required to have a flash drive and the use of a camera, digital or film, to provide original photos for projects.

Advanced Placement Studio Art Drawing

743 – Advanced Placement Studio Art Drawing, College Prep Advanced Placement – Two Semester Course
This AP Studio Art Drawing class for Junior/Senior is corresponding to the most common college foundation course.  It is based on the premise that college-level material can be taught successfully to secondary school students.  The AP Studio Art Drawing portfolio is designed for students who are seriously interested in the practical experience of art.  AP Studio Art Drawing students create a portfolio of work to demonstrate the artistic skills and ideas they have developed, refined, and applied over the course of the year to produce visual compositions.  Students submit portfolios for evaluation at the end of the school year.  Department approval required.

Music Appreciation

600 – Music Appreciation, College Prep Level 1 – One Semester Course
Music appreciation is a semester elective course intended to provide students basic instruction in Musical History, Theory, and Appreciation.  Coursework will include a macro-level examination of the development of Classical Music from the 16th – 19th century, the evolution of Jazz from the late 19th century to the BeBop Era of the 1950s, and the rise of the Rock and Roll era and the entrenching of music as a form of social commentary.  Students will receive instruction in basic musical theory as well as develop listening and appreciation skills that allow them to identify examples of, and practically apply, their theoretical knowledge.