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Matignon Expects Excellence

October 5, 2017

Matignon High School, located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, was established over seventy years ago and serves as an exceptional Archdiocesan-sponsored Catholic School. Matignon High School is a faith-filled, mission-driven and highly diverse community of nearly five hundred student and faculty learners.

While many schools speak proudly of their tradition of excellence, Matignon focuses on achieving excellence every day. At Matignon, the spirit of excellence permeates the very fiber of the school. It is through this spirit of excellence that our students come to believe in themselves, in each other, and in a bright future.

The Matignon spirit of excellence reaches across our history and continues today. The stories are many and varied. Of particular note are the hundreds of alumni who have become leaders in business, finance, education, medicine, social services, technology, government, engineering, performing arts, and athletics. A pattern emerges as alumni share their personal stories of rather ordinary beginnings evolving into something extraordinary. Indeed, it is clear that the Matignon High School experience makes a lasting difference and changes people’s lives for the better.

Our students and faculty reflect on our motto to “Expect Excellence” each day. Physics teacher, Mrs. Kelsey Ridley, sets the bar high for her students in every class. She incorporates daily routines, uses technology to gain full class participation, and creates challenges for students to face and learn from while making Physics relevant and fun.

Maximilian Costa and Leanne Medeiros, seniors at Matignon, strive for excellence every day inside and outside of the classroom. As student-athletes, Costa and Medeiros balance their rigorous academic and athletic schedules. Costa models the Matignon way on the basketball court and track with an incredible work ethic. Medeiros puts her best foot forward each day as one of the Varsity Volleyball team captains and a member of the Robotics, Engineering, and Design (RED) team.

When asked what it means to “Expect Excellence,” Mrs. Ridley, Costa, and Medeiros had the following to share --
Mrs. Ridley: I tell students on Day 1 that our goal is to learn something new about physics every day. We develop and stretch their critical thinking skills through challenging mathematical problems, conceptual explanations of real-world phenomena, and hands-on inquiry-based labs. “Expect Excellence” means that I can give a college-level lecture and know that students will not only listen attentively but also ask questions and eagerly participate. Then, I can give students a list of supplies and a lab objective knowing that they will work hard together develop and execute a procedure.

Costa: Growing up, I was told to always work my hardest, and because of this I put my best effort into both academic and athletic challenges. The expression “Expect Excellence” has resonated with me since starting at Matignon. It reinforces students’ ability to believe in themselves and helps me continuously “Strive for a 5” on the AP Physics exam. It unites the diverse Matignon community into one family that challenges one another to create astounding results. The simple two-word expression, “Expect Excellence,” perfectly encompasses the mindset of Matignon.

Medeiros: To “Expect Excellence” means to challenge yourself and everyone around you to be the best version of themselves. Expecting excellence does not mean that you must be perfect, rather it means to strive for greatness and to surround yourself with people who are going to help you reach your goals. Mrs. Ridley has created a space for us to celebrate mistakes and successes in Physics, which has shown me that it is okay to mess up because it makes me a better learner, teammate, and innovator.


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