Matignon's 12 Days of Christmas

Countdown to Christmas with Matignon High School!

During this season of giving, help support Matignon High School provide a mindful, innovative, and diverse Catholic educational experience.

Beginning Monday, December 11, we will take to social media and ask for different size donations dedicated to a specific gift, so that our students and faculty have all they need to Expect Excellence all year round. For example, on the first day of Matignon Christmas we are asking for one gift of $50 to perform a pendulum lab in Physics class! On the second day, we are asking for two gifts of $100 to send the AP US History class to the JFK Library!

Every gift, no matter how large or small, helps to sustain the growth of Matignon High School and support its amazing students, faculty, staff, and families.

Click the donate button to select your gift day and support Matignon's 12 Days of Christmas today! All gifts will remain open for donations throughout the course of the 12 days.