Matignon High School Strategic Plan

Academic Excellence

We seek to develop the intellectual development of every student by creating an environment that prepares them for the rigors of college, challenges them to be lifelong learners, and empowers them to be compassionate leaders in our global community.

Curriculum/Skills - Our college preparatory curriculum is clear and rigorous, innovative and adaptive, placing a priority on formative assessment and meeting all students’ needs through a universally-designed program of study building the skills necessary to succeed today and to help them sow the seeds of tomorrow.

  • Expand upon our comprehensive Program of Study to include a range of courses accessible to all students and which meet various student needs and abilities. We will seek to offer Electives in each discipline and place emphasis on critical reading, writing, and thinking skills across all disciplines.
  • Place an emphasis on developing STREAM courses (science, technology, religion, engineering, the arts, and mathematics) that will allow students to explore 21st century skills in preparation for college and their careers.
  • Create new and substantial curricular programs in the visual and fine arts and devote the resources necessary to ensure a variety of extracurricular opportunities.
  • Research, develop, and incorporate Varied Methods of Instruction and Assessment, such as flipped, open-concept, and interactive classrooms; interdisciplinary collaboration; and formative assessment throughout the curriculum.
  • Establish formal learning experiences tied to curriculum that extend beyond the classroom in collaboration with local universities, businesses, government, and the community.

Globally-Minded Thinkers - As a global educational community with a strong Catholic foundation, all members of our community demonstrate a commitment to being loving and ethical global citizens with a curiosity and understanding of our global responsibilities.

  • Create a Global Institute of Learning focused on increasing immersion trips for all students; building partnerships with academic, government, and corporate global leaders; and offering the opportunity for further study by Matignon High School Faculty and other faculty from around the world.
  • Incorporate International cultural perspectives into all courses and explore opportunities to expand course offerings with a global focus, including languages, multicultural literature, art, history, and other subject areas. 

Independent Learning - Matignon High School students are lifelong, independent, active, and experiential learners, empowered to take ownership of their intellectual and academic curiosity, extending this exploration beyond the walls of our school, taking full advantage of educational opportunities both locally and globally.

  • Create an Internship Program experience, open to all students to explore their professional aspirations.
  • Explore non-traditional educational opportunities, such as online courses or courses at local institutions. 
  • Establish an Independent Research Program built into the senior curriculum.
  • Create meaningful opportunities for students of all academic levels and interests to be partnered with faculty, fellow students, alumni, and community mentors.
  • Organize Matignon Explores, a program designed to allow students and faculty regular extracurricular opportunities within our greater community.
  • Develop opportunities for students and faculty to publish independent research and creative work.

Whole Student - We are committed to educating the whole student, providing for his/her intellectual, spiritual, physical, emotional, and social needs.

  • Establish a Student Services Team made up of Administrators and Student Support Staff to recommend policies to provide for the whole student, as well as ensure that the immediate needs of individual students are met.
  • Create a Peer Mentoring Program where students learn active listening skills and supportive techniques to serve as a resource for other students in need.
  • Create physical spaces that allow for spiritual reflection, both individually and in group settings.
  • Enhance the Freshmen Transition Program to provide guidance as they adjust to high school.
  • Develop a Mindfulness Program that provides our staff and students with tools to reduce anxiety and build empathy and self-awareness.
  • Enhance our strong athletic and physical extracurricular programs by increasing opportunities for students at all levels and interests.

Faculty and Staff Collaboration - Our faculty and staff are fully engaged collaborators in an on-going and meaningful dialogue focused on student learning, are united in their shared vision of student-centered learning, and are consistently willing to share their unique approaches to achieving that vision.

  • Create a calendar and school-wide class schedule that allows time for meaningful and consistent teacher collaboration focused on enhancing student-centered learning, co-curricular activities, and spiritual development opportunities, while maintaining an academically rigorous program of study. 

Faculty and Staff Assessment - Recognizing their role at the center of the educational process, our faculty are dedicated to continual personal and professional growth and improvement through a multi-faceted assessment process designed to allow for both self-exploration and peer review, aimed at maximizing their impact on their students.

  • Create a comprehensive Assessment Program for all staff, focusing on professional growth and, where applicable, using varied evaluation techniques.
  • Create a New Teacher Support Program, the goal of which is to facilitate the growth of the beginning teacher toward the highest levels of professional and personal development possible during the initial years of teaching.

Professional Development - Our faculty and staff are effective, compassionate, and knowledgeable leaders sharing in a vision of inclusive education who actively engage in, and are exposed to, innovative professional development opportunities that seek to develop the whole student.

  • Develop and provide an on-going Professional Development Program for faculty and staff that emphasizes effective instruction and curriculum development, encourages student-centered learning, and promotes a Catholic-based education.
  • Develop, with the involvement of faculty and staff, an Individualized Professional Development Plan for each faculty and staff member.

Utilizing Data - As a data-driven educational environment, we utilize various forms of student and comparative data consistently and in meaningful ways to improve educational outcomes for our students.

  • Identify and invest in the resources needed, both technical and human, to ensure that all decision-makers, including faculty, have access to all data that can inform improved student performance.
  • Develop and utilize annual Young Alumni and Senior Exit Surveys to assist in identifying strengths and opportunities for improvement in our academic program.

Facilities to Support Mission - Our facilities, and other physical resources, exceed the needs of our students, faculty, and staff and create an exceptional learning environment that is safe, functional, accessible, and appealing.

  • Establish a Master Campus Facilities Plan to optimize usage to achieve educational goals.
  • Create a Universal Accessibility Committee to review and recommend ways of making the facility as physically accessible to as many as possible.
  • Create an Environmental Impact Committee comprised of members of the entire Matignon High School community to review all sustainable energy options for campus, and to analyze and reduce the school’s carbon footprint.
  • Develop a Facilities Maintenance Program, allocating both capital and human resources, aimed at functional and aesthetic improvements to campus. 
  • Build an “open source” Maker Space for independent, creative, and engineering exploration.