Matignon High School Strategic Plan

Catholic Identity

We strive to provide students with an education steeped in the Catholic tradition and rooted in the Gospel that nurtures the whole person and seeks to inspire them to be at the service of others. 

Mission - Our mission animates the life of the school, fully incorporates the values of the Gospel, and defines our identity and our faith community.

  • Create a new Mission Statement which reflects the values and vision of our school community.
  • Sustain the accessibility of a Matignon High School education to the underserved populations of the greater Boston area through school policies and allocation of resources.
  • Incorporate the Mission and Catholic Identity more fully and make it more visible in our branding, signage, images, and school culture.
  • Explore and define the charism of Father Matignon, and name and integrate that charism consistently and regularly within the faith community.
  • Create and revise annually a Mission Effectiveness Plan which provides opportunities for mission integration among the entire school community. 

Formation - Our school advances the Catholic Intellectual Tradition in its entire curriculum and culture, and it provides opportunities for intellectual and spiritual growth for the greater Matignon community.

  • Develop additional ways to integrate Catholic faith, culture, and life into and across the curriculum.
  • Provide students with a solid background of theology and understanding of their own personal faith journey with academically rigorous coursework.
  • Provide ongoing faith formation opportunities for faculty and staff meant to establish a foundational understanding of our Catholic culture and traditions.
  • Organize varied opportunities of faith formation for parents, alumni, and trustees in order to fully invite them into the life of the school’s faith community.
  • Develop a structured Retreat Program that is central to the students’ experience and allow students to explore their relationship with God in a prayerful and communal setting.

Prayer - Expand and deepen the practice of personal, communal, and liturgical prayer and reflection within the various aspects of the life of the Matignon High School faith community.

  • Create a Matignon High School community prayer that highlights our unique charism and binds us together as a community.
  • Provide a focus on the essentials of Christian prayer for students and staff through the curriculum, retreats, and communal liturgical experiences.
  • Reimagine the use and design of the school chapel as our center for daily prayer and for personal and communal faith exploration.
  • Integrate opportunities for Reflective Prayer into the culture of the school.

Action - We practice and live our faith through our commitment to our Matignon High School community as well as to our archdiocesan and global communities.

  • Design a structurally robust Christian Service Program that provides varied, meaningful, and reflective experiences for all students.
  • Provide multiple service and mission immersion opportunities for students and staff throughout the school year.
  • Cultivate an atmosphere which values the faith traditions and cultural perspectives of our entire community, while at the same time embracing our Catholic Identity.