Matignon High School Strategic Plan

Governance and Leadership

We strive to cultivate a strong team of leaders who will emphasize our shared values grounded in our Catholic Identity, that enhance our commitment to Academic Excellence, and will make these values accessible to everyone by ensuring the long term Operational Vitality of the school. 

Leadership Team - Cultivate and empower a team of visionary leaders (Administration, Board Members, Faculty and Staff members) to fully maintain and execute the school’s mission.

  • Expand Board membership to a full complement of 18 to 24 members.
  • Develop a professional leadership formation and training plan for Administration and Board members.
  • Create and adhere to formal expectations of Board membership.
  • Develop an orientation and training program for new Board members.
  • Create self-reflection evaluation processes for Administration and Board members.
  • Create an Administration and Board succession plan.
  • Empower administration to oversee the professional and spiritual development of faculty and staff.
  • Create a staff leadership program designed to provide opportunities for staff growth and organizational development.

Board Responsibilities - Establish a structure for appropriate Board involvement in critical areas of the school’s mission.

  • Build and sustain a vibrant committee structure.
  • Recruit non-Board members with broad professional expertise to serve as committee members and future Board members.
  • Find avenues for the Board to be more involved in the life and marketing of the school.
  • Create opportunities for Board members to engage directly in the mission of the school through their support of philanthropic and advancement efforts.

Strategic Plan - The Administration ensures that the Strategic Plan is implemented and serves as a blueprint for school policy and decisions.

  • Organize Board committee structure to support the oversight and implementation of the Strategic Plan.
  • Organize a Strategic Plan committee to report to the Board on the Strategic Plan’s progress.