Matignon High School Strategic Plan

Operational Vitality

We commit to making this multifaceted, Catholic education accessible through increasing funds for operations, scholarships, and facilities improvements while maintaining our commitment to innovative education.   

Financial Plan - Engage in an continuous Financial Planning Process that is transparent, involves all constituencies, and reflects the values, priorities, and mission of Matignon High School.

  • Develop a financial planning process that ensures the long-term sustainability and vibrancy of Matignon High School.
  • Create a staff budget advisory committee to be part of the financial planning process.
  • Review current operating budget to assess areas of need and surplus and propose redirection of funding.
  • Streamline the dissemination of information so it is available and accessible to all constituencies.

Diversifying Revenue Sources - Maintain and identify diversified sources of revenue through collaborations across the greater Matignon High School community and in conjunction with local, national, and global partnerships.

  • Research and analyze ways to reduce Matignon High School’s dependency on tuition.
  • Engage and support local organizations and invite them to participate in the life of the school to increase philanthropic revenue.
  • Expand functions of advancement to expand revenue sources to include grants and partnerships.
  • Create an endowment to provide for the long-term fiscal health of the school.

Advancement - Foster meaningful relationships with alumni, parents, and the greater community to expand investment, support, and growth of the school’s mission and vision.

  • Engage more alumni in the life and support of the school.
  • Increase and sustain alumni and parent giving participation.
  • Pursue additional opportunities to engage major donors and to increase inclination to support the school.
  • Cultivate a spirit of school pride and a culture of philanthropy among all students.
  • Develop student and young alumni programs aimed at education and engagement in the philanthropic process.
  • Increase attention given to grants and research in the greater community.

Enrollment - Attract a diverse student body of exceptional intellect, leadership, and character through efforts which reflect our Catholic identity and mission.

  • Create an Enrollment Plan, which addresses the changing demographics of the greater Boston area, the realities of our feeder schools, and the needs of prospective families.
  • Implement a holistic and comprehensive application review process to ensure students are meeting and/or exceeding our admissions standards.
  • Collect, analyze, and utilize internal and external data to inform enrollment and admissions techniques.
  • Diversify our geographic presence in the cities and towns of the Greater Boston area.
  • Continue to diversify our international presence while remaining focused on offering an optimal academic experience for all students.
  • Increase retention through intentional programming and support for current students throughout their tenure at Matignon High School.
  • Maintain a culture of responsiveness and efficiency to prospective families throughout the entire admissions cycle.

Communication - Develop and maintain a multi-faceted communications approach that connects students, faculty and staff, parents, prospective applicants, alumni, and the community at large to the Matignon High School experience.

  • Create a communications plan that highlights school innovation and mission.
  • Develop a consistent form of language across all communication platforms through the creation of a Standards of Practice document.
  • Utilize innovative communication methods to better engage all constituents.

Faculty and Staff - Attract, nurture, and retain talented and experienced faculty and staff who are committed to the Matignon High School mission.

  • Provide a comprehensive and competitive compensation package for all staff, including salaries commensurate with experience as well as health insurance and retirement benefits.
  • Create a faculty pay scale delineated by education, experience, and merit.
  • Establish a formal status of employment security for experienced faculty and staff.
  • Provide and fund extensive professional development opportunities at Matignon High School and at local institutions.
  • Develop partnerships with local colleges and universities to foster a young talent pipeline to Matignon High School and to provide graduate degree assistance to current faculty and staff.
  • Create opportunities for faculty and staff to collaborate and maintain a cohesive school environment.

Financial Assistance - Increase accessibility to a Matignon High School education for students in the greater Boston area through the use of financial assistance funds.

  • Create a multi-year financial aid plan designed to realistically allocate both need-based and merit-based financial assistance.
  • Ensure that all tuition assistance is externally funded through advancement and investment efforts.
  • Explore innovative tuition assistance programs involving Cambridge and Boston area businesses.

Funded Infrastructure - Provide the necessary resources, through various funding streams, to fulfill the school’s mission at the highest level, as identified within the Master Campus Facilities Plan.

  • Create priorities and schedules for improvements identified in the Master Campus Facilities Plan, with the assistance of the appropriate Board sub-committees.
  • Design a Capital Campaign or major gift effort surrounding the priorities identified in the Master Campus Facilities Plan.
  • Prioritize the creation of sufficient funding for the Facilities Maintenance Program.