School Administration Team

Timothy Welsh, Headmaster

“Matignon High School is a unique place in today’s society.  It is a school where students are challenged not just academically, but are instilled with the Catholic, moral values so desperately needed today.  Building on its tremendous heritage, the Matignon High School of today is a family of dedicated learners who are reaching their unlimited potential.  I am proud to be part of this family…my Matignon family.”





Joseph DiSarcina, Principal

“I feel very privileged, proud, and honored to serve as the Principal of Matignon High School. My goal is to make the “Matignon Experience” become the pathway for our students to maximize their academic performance, to identify their passions in life, and to follow their dreams.”






Pat D’Angelo, Vice Principal


"What makes Matignon High School so special to me, after many years, is the number of graduates who return each year to thank the staff not only for the academic lessons, but also for the life lessons.  For these returning students, as well as our current students, Matignon High School is a second home, a place that nurtures life-long learners."





Thomas Galligani, Headmaster Emeritus


"As a 1961 graduate of Matignon High School I am extremely pleased and proud to be a part of this wonderful school.  Matignon High School is still fulfilling its goal of educational excellence for students of various socio-economic backgrounds. The students return this gift of education by continuing to move forward as strong moral and socially responsible adults in their chosen fields study."




Joseph Carabello, Guidance Director

"Working with high school students for my entire career has been truly rewarding, but for the past 40 years being a part of the Matignon High School Community has been extremely special.  I have seen almost 5,000 graduates cross the auditorium stage to receive their diplomas.  These graduates have attended college and have become successful professionals.  It is always a pleasure to see my former students when they return and hear about their life after Matignon.  Whether a current student or a graduate, the Matignon Guidance Department will always assist them. Matignon High School holds a special place in my heart because Matignon High School is a very special place."





Gregory Salvucci, Director of Experiential Learning








Sarah Crass, International Program Director

“My years of living in Southeast Asia planted a deep appreciation for eastern cultures and helped ignite my passion for helping young people find connections with one another.  I firmly believe that Matignon High School’s highly diverse student population presents an amazing opportunity for each of us to increase our understanding of one another as individuals, and broaden our perceptions about the world as a whole.”





   Erica McCummings, Admissions Director

“Matignon is special to me because I get to come to work every day and be in the presence of great students.  I am helping to shape tomorrow’s leaders.  I have the amazing advantage to see our incoming students as applicants and say farewell to them as graduates. Nothing makes this place more special than seeing the students mature, find their passions, and see them follow their dreams.  Matignon has been a very special place for over 70 years and will be for many more years to come."




   Erin Tracy DiGuardia '04, Chief Advancement Officer 

"I kew Matignon was special place when I first visited as an 8th grader. I had a visceral feeling that Matignon was the place for me - it didn't give a cookie cutter impression but one that was genuine. What makes Matignon most special is its diverse network of alumni, students, faculty and friends that make up the Matignon family. Matignon is more than a place or a community one is a part of for 4 years. The fact that we embrace our individual differences to comprise one big extended family, who always want what is best for each other and work to help everyone achieve their goals, is what truly sets us a part. When you come to Matignon you are educated, cared for and even more importantly you learn to strive to expect excellence for yourself and for others. Personally, Matignon is very special to me because my younger sister followed in my footsteps and my husband and I were classmates. Matignon ties run deep and wide from this corner of Cambridge; and in my opinion there is nothing like the Matignon experience."


  Michael Lahiff '75, Athletic Director

“Our family has always had strong ties to Matignon High School, with all of my siblings joining me in halls of our great school. The opportunity to join the Matignon community in this way, working with students, coaches, and staff, is extremely meaningful. I am truly honored to be appointed Athletic Director for Matignon High School, and I look forward to helping our student-athletes continue to expect excellence in all aspects of their high school careers"



    Tori Dugan '11, Director of Communications and Special Events

“As a Matignon alum, I have immense gratitude for the incredible education, unparalleled support, and life-long values I received during my four years at Matignon. I am excited to bring my passion for creative challenges to the school I owe so much to."