Matignon 2020

A Strategic Vision for our Future

“To the person who does not know where he wants to go there is no favorable wind.”
— Seneca

With each new generation comes new opportunities to enhance the educational experience for our students and to address areas for growth.  As all at Matignon serve our world as “Christ-bearers” we must fully take advantage of these opportunities and create new visions for our future. Beginning in 2015, talented groups of faculty, staff, and the Board of Trustees came together to do just that. Through countless planning sessions, many strategic discussions, and the analysis of much research, these groups explored and charted a new path for our great school. Matignon2020, our new strategic plan, was the result.

"Over the past 10 years, I've seen many changes here at Matignon and am honored to bring my unique experiences to the Strategic Plan for our school. It is exciting to witness the forward vision here at Matignon, one that will benefit students for years."
--Amanda Vallimont, Theology Department Chair and Coordinator, Strategic Planning





Matignon2020 identifies new directions for Matignon High School, including school-wide directions needed to implement these visions. The plan is broken up into four main focus areas: Academic Excellence, Catholic Identity, Operational Vitality, and Leadership and Governance. It is a living document which challenges all those entrusted with our mission to strive to make our school the best educational institution possible.

The full text of Matignon2020 is available HERE.

Academic Excellence Catholic Identity

Matignon students will be prepared for the rigors of college, challenged to be lifelong learners, and empowered to be compassionate leaders in our global community.

  • Expand our Program of Study to promote personalized, accelerated learning to students of all abilities
  • Demonstrate a commitment to being global citizens with a curiosity and understanding of our global responsibilities
  • Commit to educating the whole student, providing for intellectual, spiritual, physical, emotional, and social needs

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Matignon will provide students with an education steeped in the Catholic tradition that nurtures the whole person.

  • Create a new Mission Statement which reflects the values and vision of our school community
  • Advance the Catholic Intellectual Tradition throughout the curriculum and culture, providing opportunities for the greater Matignon community
  • Practice and live our faith through our commitment to all the communities Matignon engages with

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Operational Vitality Governance and Leadership

Matignon's multifaceted, Catholic education will remain accessible to all while maintaining our commitment to innovative education.

  • Develop a Financial Plan reflective of the values, priorities, and mission of Matignon High School
  • Foster meaningful relationships in support of the school's mission and vision
  • Increase accessibility of a Matignon education for all students from the greater Cambridge and Boston communities

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Matignon strives to cultivate a strong team of leaders who will emphasize our shared values as understood by our mission statement.

  • Empower a team of visionary leaders to maintain and execute the school's mission
  • Build a robust Board of Trustees sustained by a vibrant committee structure and actively involved in the life of the school
  • Ensure the implementation of the Strategic Plan, remaining true to our mission and values

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Strategic Planning Timeline

September 2015 - Form committee
January 2016 - Subcommittees develop focus areas
June 2016 - Draft plan presented to Board
October 2016 - Board retreat for Strategic Plan
December 2016 - Strategic Plan adopted by Board
February 2017 - Subcommittees develop action steps