Headmaster's Welcome

Welcome to Matignon High School, a vibrant Catholic, co-educational community serving students in grades 9-12.  Located in the heart of our region, and our nation’s, education center in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Matignon High School is on the forefront of meeting the needs of our students for the world they face in the 21st Century.

Matignon High School was named in honor of Father Francis Anthony Matignon (pronounced “Mat-in-yon”), a French missionary priest who served Boston in the late 18th and early 19th Century.  Father Matignon knew then, what those of us involved in Catholic education know today, almost 225 years later: Catholic schools are critical in providing academic, moral, and spiritual foundations to our students. 

Today, Father Matignon would be very proud of the school that bears his name and bears witness to his vision.  With 450 students from over 30 communities, and 9 countries, representing students of many diverse backgrounds, Matignon High School continues to serve its “missionary” role.  At Matignon, we believe that every student is a special gift, and that each student possesses many gifts given by God.  Our goal is to ensure that our students utilize their gifts on a daily basis and that they leave herewith the ability to serve their community and succeed in an ever changing world. 

Matignon High School has a proud history and tradition of wonderful accomplishment.  In the years to come, we look forward to building on this proud tradition.  Whether you are a prospective parent or an alumnus, you will find that the Matignon of today is a place where lives are transformed and where graduates leave ready to change the world.  I invite you to join us on this journey.  As Cardinal Cushing stated at the dedication of the main school building in 1947:

“May Matignon High School ever set forth from its doors, graduates…so burning to imitate Father Matignon’s many virtues and cultivate his great learning and be so filled with his ideals of service that no cry of human need, no syllable of spiritual striving will ever fall unheeded in their ears.”

Thank you for helping us in this mission.  Please visit our campus anytime and follow us online:


Timothy M. Welsh