Business and Technology Department

Junior and Senior Electives

Matignon High School offers courses in computers so that students will be able to use computers and appropriate technological methods to acquire, organize, and communicate information and to solve problems appropriately and ethically.  Students are required to sign an “Ethical Use of Technology” contract each year.


641 – Accounting I, College Prep Level 1 – Two Semester Course
This full year senior/junior elective course provides instruction in the application of accounting theory and examines the meaning, purpose, and structure of basic accounting and the accounting equation.  It also provides an opportunity to develop communicative and analytical abilities and to gain an understanding of the nature of accounting.  The full cycle is taught which includes journalizing, posting, completing a worksheet with adjustments as well as writing the profit, loss and equity statements for proprietorship and corporate accounting systems.  Special attention is given to understanding sections that pertain to both business and personal finance.  The curriculum will include the use of computer labs as well as simulation projects utilizing both the manual and electronic resources.  Accurate completion of two in-class accounting simulation projects is required.  Students will use Microsoft Excel and accounting software during the course for specific automated assignments.  Supported by a computer, the Smart Board combined with an overhead projector will allow for interactive hands-on, minds-on technology to support the students as they demonstrate what they know in multiple ways.  Retrieving key information from previous classes and printing information from the Smart Board to distribute to students during the class will enhance the lessons, increase interaction, and encourage involvement in the subject area.

Personal Finance

640 - Personal Finance, College Prep Level 1 - Semester Course
In this introductory finance course, students learn basic principles of economics and the best practices for managing their own finances.  Students learn core skills in creating budgets, developing long-term financial plans to meet heir goals, and making responsible choices about income and expenses.  Real world topics covered will include income, money management, spending and credit, as well as saving and investing.  Students will design personal and household budgets utilizing checking and saving accounts, gain knowledge in finance, debt and credit management, and evaluate and understand insurance and taxes.  This course will provide a foundational understanding for making informed personal financial decisions leading to financial independence.  Students will analyze the experiences of finance professional and stories of everyday people and the choices they make to manage their money.  This course will be guided by online resources such as The Hartford's Playbook for Life.

Computer Science

020 – Computer Science Intro to Coding & Computer Science – One Semester Course
This semester course promotes an inquiry-based approach to teaching and learning foundational concepts in computer science and coding as well as highlighting the computational practices and problem solving associated with doing computer science.