Educational Technology

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)


BYOD means that all students at Matignon High School are required to bring a device within the specifications to school every day.

Matignon High School is committed to preparing students for life and careers in the digital age by empowering them with the knowledge and tools to innovate and create using technology.  

Main Goals

  • Create an even more collaborative learning environment among students and faculty
  • Make classroom resources more accessible and efficient
  • Provide resources and opportunities for academic enrichment through the use of online tools
  • Teach appropriate digital age citizenship, reinforce well-developed skills of creativity, critical thinking, communication, and academic collaboration


  • Makes a 21st Century classroom possible
  • Allows students to take ownership of their own learning
  • Allows real-time access to a greater amount of information
  • Creates greater and easier communication between student-student, student-teacher, student-school, and home-school
  • Provides easier student access to online instructional and information materials
  • Facilitates collaboration for a richer learning environment


In the start of the 2015-2016 school year, Matignon High School rolled out its new BYOD program. All students were required to bring in a device to be used in the classroom. Matignon implemented Google Apps for Education (GAFE) where all faculty and students received a Google email address, used Google Classroom, and utilized Google Drive. GAFE allowed Matignon High School’s faculty, staff, and students to communicate and collaborate more efficiently. Training was given to all staff members and students at the beginning of the year. Freshman received additional training throughout the year. Because of the success the Matignon community had using GAFE, it will be continued into the 2016-2017 school year. 

Google Applications Frequently Used by Matignon Students, Faculty, and Staff

  • Chrome Browser
  • Gmail
  • Classroom
  • Google Drive
    • Docs
    • Sheets
    • Slides
    • Forms
    • Drawing
  • Calendar

Loaner Devices

Matignon High School has Google Chromebooks that all students are allowed to checkout during the school day if his or her device is being repaired, out of battery, or was left at home. They are required to be returned by the end of the school day.

Contact: Please contact Patty Piecz at or (617) 876-1212 x 30