Library Media Center


Food, drinks and cell phones are not permitted in the Library Media Center (LMC).


Student loan periods of LMC materials:

  • Books - 2 weeks
  • Reserve materials - are available for use in the LMC (designated project books in high demand), these materials do not circulate


There are multiple areas in the LMC:

  • A relaxed reading area with bean bag chairs.
  • A makerspace area with relaxing activities for study breaks.
  • An area for quiet study with tables.
  • Areas with desktop computers and printers.

There are two copy machines available in the LMC.


The LMC is open from 6:30 a.m. to 4:00 p. m. Monday through Thursday, it does close at dismissal on Friday.

Each student coming from class should have an individual pass signed by a teacher to come to the LMC.

Delinquent Borrowers — Borrowing LMC materials is a privilege; returning them is a responsibility as well as an act of courtesy to others who may need the materials.

Students borrowing materials are responsible for returning and/or replacing materials charged to his/her name.

Attempts to alter computer programs will be considered an act of vandalism.  

Any attempt to remove LMC materials without following the checkout procedure is considered a serious offense.

Disciplinary action will be taken when students violate the circulation procedute.  This includes the removal of LMC ownership marks or stickers, and placing materials in students' bags.