Hybrid & Remote Learning

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This draft plan is the culmination of work begun in April 2020 to provide continued rigorous academic instruction for students beginning in September of 2020. The goal of the faculty, administration and leadership of Matignon High School has always been to create an environment which addresses the holistic learning needs of our students, coupled with our responsibility to do so in a manner which provides as much safety as possible for all members of our community. Given this goal, we have endeavored to design a plan that will allow students, who wish to do so, to return to campus with proper precautions, while at the same time providing equally rigorous academic opportunities for students who wish to learn remotely.


This plan has been adopted in consultation with working groups consisting of members of the Board of Trustees, faculty, and staff, as well health and educational professionals. It is important to note that this plan is a “draft plan” in one important sense; we fully anticipate that as we begin to implement this plan there will be adjustments as needed to ensure that we are being responsive to health and academic needs.


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