Academic Course Offerings

Matignon High School’s academic year consists of two semesters with two quarters in each semester.  Students are urged to follow as rigorous and challenging a program as possible to develop their talents to the fullest, increase their chances for admission to the college of their choice, and expand and enhance their options and potential for success in college and life.

Matignon High School students are taught to become critical thinkers and are encouraged to cultivate habits of sound decision-making and of social responses based on Christian values.  Matignon High School encourages students to develop the skills to be active, life-long learners.

Courses at Matignon High School are offered on four levels: Advanced Placement (AP), Honors (H), College Preparatory One (L1) and College Preparatory Two (L2).  These designations do not describe students or their abilities, but rather the relative degree of difficulty of each course. 

The course offerings are detailed in each department sections listed to the left as well as in our Program of Studies.  To view our Program of Studies, please click here.


Course Selection Sheets

During the second semester, the Guidance Department will distribute course selection sheets to all student for the next school year.  The selection of courses may be made to meet the particular need of each student.  Each student must carry a program load of seven courses a year, totaling seven units per academic year.  Individuals should base course selections on personal abilities, interests and aptitudes as well as requirements of a well-balanced, college preparatory education.  Discussions with parents, teachers, and counselors are vital in this important decision-making process.

We urge all students to pursue a program that is as demanding and challenging as possible in order to: (1) develop their God-given talents to the fullest; (2) increase their chances for admission to college; and (3) expand their options and potential for success in college and life.

*2020-2021 Course Selection Instructions 

2020 - 2021 Freshman Course Selection Sheet

2020 - 2021 Sophomore Course Selection Sheet

2020 - 2021 Junior Course Selection Sheet

2020 - 2021 Senior Course Selection Sheet