Career Academies

The goal of the Matignon Career Academies is to provide students with the opportunity to explore their academic and career passions in a deeper manner.


Click HERE to apply! To complete your application, you will be directed to sign in your studnet's application portal. Please look for the Career Academy Supplemental Application.

Matignon High School offers four Career Academies:



Career Academies are defined by:

  • Personalized Academic Pathways

  • Internship Opportunities

  • Global and Local Immersion Experiences

  • Capstone Independent Research Project

Career Academies are meant for students who have a defined interest in a particular academic or professional area.  Career Academies may not be the right fit for all students, especially students who are interested in taking a wider-variety of courses during their time at Matignon High School.  It is important to note that key components of Career Academies, namely rigorous courses (offered both on and off campus), internship opportunities, independent research projects, and immersion programs are available to ALL Matignon High School students regardless of their enrollment in a Career Academy.