Why Matignon?

Matignon High School is an environment that celebrates individual achievement, where students learn and grow while developing their ability to appreciate and understand the perspectives of others. Matignon students thrive because they are both challenged and supported by a faculty and staff whose mission is to cultivate talent, curiosity, and ambition in each and every student.

We are committed to academic excellence

With a graduation rate of 100%, Matignon students are prepared for college and beyond. Our students are accepted to and attend top tier institutions. Click here to see our college acceptance profile.

Our rigorous college preparatory curriculum prepares students for excellence in college and life, through an emphasis on STREAM education, which includes science, technology, religion engineering, arts, and mathematics, and real life application of knowledge. Students customize their academic experience by choosing from over 39 Honors and Advanced Placement courses, as well as dozens of STREAM couses. Our experienced and qualified faculty teach dynamic classes, equipping students with the knowledge and skills they need to be successful in their chosen path.

We are leaders in classroom innovation

Providing a 21st-century curriculum calls for using creative and innovative ways for our students to learn. As the receipient of a 2017 Visionary Award by the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce, Matignon is "an innovator and visionary in our community." With the help of a visionary Strategic Plan and LiFT program, students are at the center of their education.                        

We believe in the power of faith formation & service

The setting of a Catholic, college preparatory high school provides a unique opportunity where intellect, faith, and service can interact for the enrichment of the whole community.  Remembering the two greatest commands given in our tradition, “to love God” and “to love our neighbor,” we find the foundation of Christian service.  While we are called to love and care for those closest to us, Christ loved those who were difficult to love. At Matignon, the call to Christian service is a challenge to look beyond our own small worlds and to engage in work that is transformative and places us in direct contact with others.

We value the well-rounded student

At Matignon, we are focused on education the whole student. Your classmates will be artists, athletes, dancers, academics, people of faith, musicians, scientists, filmmakers, and so much more. In and out of the classroom, Matignon students cultivate their talent and develop as leaders in a wide array of extracurricular activities, including athletics. They learn teamwork and problem solving, as well as moral and ethical decision making. When our students graduate, they possess the confidence and character required to be successful.