Transfer Applicants

Information for students applying to 10th & 11th grades

Thinking of Changing High Schools? Welcome, Welcome, Welcome.
More than ever, today’s students and families are open to changing schools in order to find a learning environment that best fits their needs. We recognize that making this change – especially during high school – is challenging. From making new friends, to meeting new teachers, to adjusting to an entirely new schedule, it takes a bit of bravery. We get it. We do.
That’s why we have specially designed a process for seamlessly transitioning transfer students and their families into our culture, our classrooms, and our community. From your very first day on campus - from your very first moment - we will make sure you feel accepted and valued. Because you will be.
To learn more about our year-round transfer program, please contact our Director of Admissions, Ms. Erica McCummings, at 617.876.1212, ext. 11 or
And please allow me to be the first person to welcome you to Matignon. We are so happy you’re here.

Students seeking to transfer mid-year should contact the Admissions Office upon completion of Step 1 of the application process.



Step 1: Complete the online application form

Complete the Matignon High School online application.

The Matignon Application is students’ opportunity to showcase their personality and accomplishments. This portion of student’s application provides unique and important insights to help determine if the Matignon is the right school for them.

Please create an account with SchoolAdmin and start the application form by clicking here.

Step 2: Submit academic transcripts and records

Report cards and transcripts are valuable tools that showcase an applicant’s academic history, accomplishments, and potential. Transfer applicants are required to submit transcripts and academic records from the past two consecutive years of schooling.

Applicants should complete the top portion of the Transcript Request Form and submit to their guidance counselor or the educator responsible for high school placement. Applicants’ current schools are encouraged to send completed Transcript Requests Forms directly to Matignon High School (email, fax, or mail is acceptable).

Please keep Matignon’s Admissions Office updated on the status of transcripts as many schools base sending transcripts based on their academic calendar and schedule.

IEPs/504 Plans

Matignon High School accommodates students with education plans, including a 504 plans, IEPs, or other education plans. Applicants with any type of education plan should indicate as such when submitting their online application. A copy of student’s education plan must be sent to Matignon’s Admissions Office or uploaded to the applicant’s SchoolAdmin account in order to complete their application and be considered for admission. The Admissions Committee will review all education plans to ensure students needs can be met.

Step 3: Submit teacher or guidance counselor recommendation

Transfer applicants are encourage but not required to submit at least one recommendation from a current teacher or guidance counselor. The recommendation should ideally be written by someone that the applicant has a personal relationship with and will be able to speak to the students’ traits and values in addition to their classroom capabilities.

For transfer applicants submitting recommendations, it is a delegated, electronic form that is submitted to the applicant’s recommender via email. The recommender will receive an email with a link to complete the form electronically and submit it to Matignon High School. When the electronic form has been sent to Matignon, this step will be marked as completed in SchoolAdmin.

Applicants who are unable to contact their teacher through email can download and complete the top portion of this form and submit it to the teacher or guidance counselor writing the recommendation. Recommenders are encouraged to send completed recommendation forms directly to Matignon High School (email, fax and mail are acceptable).

Please keep Matignon’s Admissions Office updated on the status of recommendation should they be submitted after the application deadline.

Step 4 (Optional): Visit Matignon High School

Students applying to Matignon High School are strongly encouraged to visit campus and demonstrate their interest in becoming a Matignon student. There are a number of ways to visit including participating in shadow days, attending Open House, or partaking in a private tour. Click here to learn more about visiting Matignon.

Step 5 (Optional): Apply for financial aid


The deadline to apply for financial aid is January 3, 2020.


Matignon High School uses FACTS, a third-party tuition management company to help conduct financial analysis to determine families’ financial needs. To apply for financial aid, families must complete the FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment. This online application can be completed through your SchoolAdmin account and will require supporting documentation, including federal income tax return, W-2 forms, and non-taxable income, and a $30 non-refundable application fee.

Please allow FACTS two weeks for processing once all supporting documents have been submitted.

Please note that award decisions are at the sole discretion of Matignon High School. Financial aid for transfer applicants is very limited.

Click here for information about applying for financial aid or contact, Eileen Gustin, Buiness Manager, at or (617) 876-1212 x40. Please check out the Tuition & Financial Aid page for additional information.