Matignon - In Memoriam

Remembering Those We Lost

Through the hallowed halls of Matignon High,
We walked together, classmates you and I.
The memories shared are treasures of years past.
Wonderful moments, we know would not last.
Dreams, hopes and ambitions of youth disappear.
Reality sets in with responsibility yet we persevere.
Some of our classmates have left for a better place.
Their suffering is over, no more obstacles to face.
So let us storm the heavens with prayers and love
As we know they’re sharing this occasion from above.
--Arlene A. Johnson DiRocco '56

Each year we are saddened to lose members of our Matignon family, but are comforted with the knowledge of the love and legacy they have left behind. All deceased members will be remembered annually in November liturgies and included in our prayer book located in the school chapel.

Please remember the following alumni in your daily reflections:

Katherine Laidley Fudge '69, passed away on October 14, 2018. She was the brother of alumnus, Thomas Laidley '70.  For Katherine's obituary, click here.

Paul A. Jodice '58, passed away on September 28, 2018. He was the brother of alumni, Elena Jodice McGreal '55 and Robert Jodice '61. For his obituary, click here.

Anisa Bregasi '03, passed away on August 25, 2018.  For her obituary, click here.

John E. 'Jack' Slager '67, passed away suddenly on August 4, 2018.  For his obituary, click here.

Carol Marie Pineault Hobaugh '57, passed away on July 26, 2018.  She was the silbing of Stephen Pineault '63.  Click here for Carol's obituary.

Martha Jane Smith Loftus '51, wife of VADM Stpehn F. Loftus, USN (Ret.) '51, passed away on June 7, 2018.  For Martha's obituary, read here.

Daniel J. Davis IV '63, passed away on June 2, 2018.  For his full obituary, click here.

Patricia Kolifrath Coyne '58, passed way on May 26, 2018.  Pat was the wife of Lt. Col. Robert Coyne '58, read more here.

William J. Leary, PhD '49, passed away on May 19, 2018 in Boca Raton, FL. Bill was inducted into the Matignon's Achievement Hall of Fame in 1995. For full obituary, click here.

Cornelius V. McGreal '55 passed away on May 2, 2018. Connie was married to Matignon alumna, Elena Jodice McGreal '55. For full obituary, click here.

Virginia R. Desmond Sweeney '53, of Peabody, passed away on May 12, 2018.  To read her full obituary, click here.

Karen O'Brien Middleton '78, passed away on March 11, 2018. To view her obituary, click here.

Janet M. Matarazzo '78, passed away in late February/early March 2018.  Obituary is private and unavailable. 

Roland E. Lachance '51, passed away on Monday, February 26, 2018 He is survived by his wife Joan, and his children: Andrea '80, Mark '82Kathy Femia '83Joan Tremblay '87. Two of his grandchildren are Matignon alumni:  Richard Femia '15 & Joe Femia '17. Roland was inducted into the Matignon's Achievement Hall of Fame in 1999. For more information, click here.

Neil A. Fitzgerald '53, passed away on February 23, 2018.  He is survived by his wife, Linda, and family inluding his brother, Arthur '52. Read more here.

Alfonso Falco '63, of Burien WA, passed away on Saturday, February 10, 2018. His wife, Colleen Webster, shared the following: "I’m sad to report that my husband, Al Falco, succumbed to brain cancer Saturday, February 10th, 2018.  Last June he celebrated his 50 year reunion at MIT.  While there we visited Matignon to check in on our adopted students.  It was a wonderful experience that we both enjoyed.  Shortly after that he was diagnosed.  Chemo gained him an extra 6 months but quit working in December. He had no side effects or pain during treatment or his decline.  Our daughter and I, with support from the rest of the family, provided hospice care at home for him. During his treatment and decline he had many visitors.  In the last month there were several impromptu “Celebrations of Life” with 50 years of Boeing friends as well as people in our community telling tall tales and thanking Al for the mentoring and friendship he’d given them. Al died knowing how much others appreciated him, surrounded by the sights and sounds of the home and family he loved...You are among those who are part of who he became!"

Below is a list of our deceased alumni listed by the decade in which they graduated. Please keep them and their families in your thoughts and prayers. If you notice an addition needed or error with a name, please email us at


Anne Schneider Barton
Gilbert C. Brennick
Francis W. Buckley Jr.
Paul E. Burke
Marie Donovan Castelnovo
Theresa Savinsky Ciras
Josephine Mangone Coccoluto
Robert M. Connerty
John M. Creedon
Dolores Romano Deluca
Joseph P. Dilworth
Stephen F. Flaherty
Florence Driscoll Ford
John J. Ford
Mary Kiernan Freitas
Margaret J. Ezzo Gillen
Mary Kent Goudey
Barbara Miceli Graves
Frances Gomes Harrington
John J. Hawkins
Benjamin A. Hopkins
Rev. J. Robert "Chris" Johnson OP
Regina Stack Killoren
Ruth Coughlin Lalli
William J. Leary, PhD
William J. Lewis
Rev. John F. Lincoln
Mary Ballou Macaluso
Mary Bulger MacLellan
Ann Doyle Micalizzi
Ann Miller
Loretta Patricia Wilson Minor
Eileen Kelley Murphy
Patricia Hickey Newfell
Sr. Michele Norcott CDS
Richard S. Oslizlo
Rev. Robert G. Pollis
Josephine DeLuca Ricciuti
Edward J. Ronayne
Barbara Fowler Roundtree
Leonard R. Ruprecht
Kathleen P. Shea
Donald J. Sokolski
Mary Stack Stephens
Frances Welch Terrio
Evelyn Killilea Tiberi
George E. Timmons Jr.
Ann Mahoney Tonra
Barbara Ferguson Underwood
Catherine Ennis Walsh
William J. Walsh
Florence Zapasnik White
Richard T. Williams


Class of 1950
Lillian Bildzok Agneta
Muriel McDonnell Brodette
Elizabeth A. Buckley
Jean R. Capozzoli
Frances M. Cavalieri
John E. Clougherty
Donald V. Connerty
Arthur F. Cook
Rev. William J. Cullen SJ
F. Guy Dimilla
Joan P. Drummond
Barbara Kingston Ellard
Joan Breslin Fallon
Barbara A. Farrell
George J. Fitzgerald
Joan Mullins Foohey
Richard M. Foohey
John R. Ford
Mary P. Gorman
John C. Hennessey
Mary T. Hughes
Helen Scully Ippolito
Patricia A. Jordan
Joseph H. Kelley
William F. Kelly Jr.
Roland E. Lachance
Charles P. Lennerton
Robert J. MacDonald
Francis E. McCarthy
Elaine Ryan McInnis
Jacqueline McInnis McManus
Eleanor F. Mee
Joseph W. Mitchell
Jane Daley Murphy
Teresa Connor Nocivelli
Barbara Yusikones Norton
Rev. John H. O'Brien
Winifred McDaid O'Connor
Robert Phelan
Claire Noone Schraffenberger
Arthur J. Silva Jr.
Harold P. Simonds
Mary F. Tracy
Robert E. Valente
Thomas Walsh
Lotus Wong

Class of 1951
Joan Fitzgerald Adams
Mary P. Amlaw
Neil P. Anderson
Sr. Lyette E. Asselin
Walter R. Bridgeo
Francis X. Callahan
Constance Boyle Carvello
Rita Currie Cash
Catherine F. Cassidy
Sally Kuhn Commins
Patricia Donnelly Costello
Elaine Carroll Daddona
Margaret M. DeCourcey
Mary Lou Denning
John C. Doherty
Ann Warner Donegan
Patricia Files
William P. Francis
Dorothy O'Donnell Gavin
Mary Cronin Gilgun
Raymond J. Girouard
Dorothea Sullivan Goggin
Edward F. Groark
Rita Corcoran Harney
Walter S. Harrington
Leonard B. Haslam
James A. Hayes
Fredrick J. Igo
Paul J. Keohane
Mary Sherry Kuppens
Anthony F. LaCamera
Nancy Goggin Lane
Martha Smith Loftus
Eileen Duke Madigan
Joan Downey Mahoney
Arthur J. McAvoy
Jean Ryan McCall
Richard J. McSweeney
Elizabeth Carter Medeiros
Rev. John J. Murphy
Edward J. Neville
John D. O'Byrne
Rosemarie LaMonica Peduto
Alice Keefe Petinge
Mary Silk Ritchie
Jean Davieau Rogers
Helen Daily Stanton
Leonard R. Sullivan
Sr. Mary J. Sullivan, CSM
Francis W. Taft
Marjorie A. Tynan-Joyce
Jayne Coughlin White
Maryanne Bousquet Zielinski

Class of 1952
Eleanor Drew Abbott
Lorraine Tamulynas Bingel
Edward C. Blair
Mary Huckins Bonacorsi
Francis J. Canniff
Janet Finnegan Carroll
Marion G. Cobb
Edwin J. Cook
Janice C Corrigan
Patricia Donnelly Costello
Paul R. Craig
Carol Brosnan Crocker
Mary Cahir Cullinane
Mary Desmond Curtiss
Bernard M. Doiron
William P. Fedele
Daniel P. Fitzgerald
Francis J. Foley
James J. Foley
Vincent J. Fraser
Thomas E. Gaffney
Paul H. Gauvin
Arlene R. Girardin
Joan Doherty Groothof
James S. Harrington
Kathleen McHugh Hogan
Gerald F. Hurley
Sandra Kingston Kehoe
Edna Kudaroski
Warrine Nesmith LaJoie
Edward J. Landry
James H. Lane
Mary Sliney Lyons
Janice Mahood Martins
John J. McLaughlin
Lorraine Collins Mitsock
Ronald B. Morrell
Rev. Charles J. Murphy
Katherine M. O'Brien
Marjorie Cronin O'Keefe
Anne M. O'Neill
Richard J. Piro
James H. Quinn
Roberta Flaherty Riley
Daniel A. Rossanoz
Phyllis M. Rorke
Claire Griffin Scott
Mary Jane Shannon Seery
Carole Murphy Shea
Henry A. Shea
Daniel P. Sheehan
William K. Sheehan
Joan E. Shields
Mary Queeney Shinney
Chester E. Small
Mary Crosby Smith
Ethel Murphy Sutherland
Anne Meehan Teague
Jean Campbell Teague
Anne Ford Whouley
Alfred I. Wiswell
Paul F. Woelfel

Class of 1953
Charles L. Buckley
Jane Ignico Buckley
Rev. Thomas J. Buckley
Raymond V. Capodanno
Alan J. Cloutier
Paul M. Cochran
Edward J. Colwell
John F. Connell
Eugene F. Coughlin
James V. Covel
James T. Craig
Rev. James E. Cronin
Robert L. Dogherty
Barbara Fritz Duffney
Gerald L. Fick
Neil A. Fitzgerald
Joseph J. Forsythe
Patricia A. Gallagher
Eileen DeSanctis Gately
Howard R. Goodrow DEd
Dr. Francis B. Greelish
James M. Hamill
Marilyn Morrell Hurley
James R. Jedrey
Muriel M. Jodice
Winifred M. Joyce
Joanne Drohan Keenan
Ellen Finnegan Lehan
Irene Simmons Linehan
Alice Burns Lynch
James E. Mahoney
Rev. Joseph H. Manning
Joseph V. McCarthy
Arlene F. Cull McCullagh
Robert F. McIntyre
Alan J. McRae
Margaret Gaffney Moloney
Eileen Kelly Moynihan
Sr. Catherine E. Mulkerrin CSJ
Elizabeth A. Murray
Pauline M. Murray
Grace Boyle Natola
Rev. James P. O'Brien
Janet M. O'Brien
Mary McHugh Pawlikowski
Eileen Galvin Porter EdD
Dorothea Sweeney Redmond
Mary Maher Rehill
Harold L. Reynolds
Willard R. Rideout
Nancy L. Rowan
Sheila Burns Shannon
Janet Moynihan Simmons
Virginia Desmond Sweeney
Capt. Richard J. Tatten
Alice Ferreira Voechs
Jean Purcell Wheeler
Paul F. Whouley

Class of 1954
Lawrence Avanzino
Sr. Veronica Ann Brown DC
C. Richard Coffey
Jeanne Denning Collier
Mary McCabe Coyle
Robert E. Diozzi
Eta Hayes Downing
David Egan
Virginia Gerrior Finochetti
Dorothy Boland Fitzgibbon
Carol Ann Lind Froio
William D. Gardner
Robert Girouard
Mary E. Goggin
Peter J. Heffernan
David J. Heidt
Jean Anzalone Henebury
James E. Horan
Marilyn Mueller Johnson
Jerome J. Kaper
Robert C. Keefe
Mary J. Kennedy
John J. Lacamera
Ann E. Wall Leahy
Eileen Sullivan Leary
Julian H. Lynch
Joseph M. Manning
Patricia M. Martori
John Mulkerin
Kathleen Francis Mullen
Roderick D. O'Byrne
Mary Lou Scanlon O'Connell
Ruth Grant Perantoni
Robert J. Piro Esq.
William D. Quinn
Jeanne Carr Rascati
John C. Rennie
Mary D. Richard
Eleanor Daly Rohrer
Dr. Michael R. Ronayne PhD
Gerald F. Rourke
John P. Rowan
Pauline Shilalie
Robert J. Sullivan
Richard C. Towle
James N. Walsh
The Honorable Joseph P. Warner

Class of 1955
William F. Bench
Ann F. Bishop
Mary Doherty Brackett
Marilyn Daly Breslin
John E. Buckley
Helen Fitzgerald Burgess
William L. Burns
Margaret Lally Collins
Joseph E. Connolly
John J. Courtney Jr.
Mary Scribner Crane
James P. Curtin
Mary Davern Datamo
Jeanne Flaherty DeBenedetto
David H. DeCourcy
Barbara Flynn Defino
Claire Denning
William D. Doyle Jr.
Barbara Long Fallon
Evelyn P. Fitzgerald
Susan M. Flaherty
Dympna T. Flavin
Niale G. Geary
Paul A. Girardin
Thomas F. Herlihy Jr.
Peter C. Hernon
Alan R. Hilsinger
James H. Hoye
Barbara A. Kelley
Ann P. Kiley
Thomas J. Legere Jr.
Ann Malatesta Long
Robert E. Madigan
Elizabeth Riley Maher
Jerome F. McAuliffe Sr.
Ruth E. McCarthy
Cornelius V. McGreal
Florence Curran McLaughlin
Claire Lalibrete McRae
Margaret Finn Morich
Mary Connors Mulligan
Paul Jude Oates
Paul D. O'Brien
Linda McGann O'Callaghan
John P. O'Keeffe
Louise Ballou Paulus
Elizabeth Amlaw Saulnier
Ann Gallahue Shanks
Edward J. Shaughnessy
Charles Stynes
Anna K. Supple
Stephen J. Sweeney
Marie Shea Sylvia
Mary Dineen Tully
James M. Twomey
Mary McDonald Wadman
Patricia Walker
Leo T. White
William L. White
Roberta Higbee Willard
Marilyn Benard Wilton
Mary Doerr Wing
John R. Wiseman Jr.
Mary Healion Zammitti

Class of 1956
Joseph G. Adams Jr.
David F. Allen
Rosemary Maher Ave
Katherine A. Barry-Day
Edward J. Boyle Jr.
Ethyl Mosher Carroll
John C. Cochran
Henry A. Cournoyer
Anne Treacy Crane
Nancy E. Martin Cummings
Charles R. Cyr
Thomas H. Dolan
James S. Downing
Marie Rawson Farren
Bernard J. Flynn
Jean L. Foley
Kathleen Walsh Gilardi
Marjorie Holt Giroux
Margaret Rehill Glennon
William M. Gorman
Norman J. Grady Jr.
Katherine MacMaster Greene
Catherine Mulligan Hayes
Daniel J. Heafey Jr.
Albert F. Healey
Anthony J. Juliano
Mary Power Klemarczyk
Judith O'Meara Lacroix
Joan Casey Letch
Leo G. MacDonald
Gail Harrington Mahon
Judith McKenna Maloney
Robert J. McCarthy
Nancy O'Connell McDonald
Paul J. McKinnon Jr.
William J. Mooney
John J. Moran Jr.
Patricia E. O'Connell
John D. O'Leary
Mary Ellen Maher Palange
Maureen Looney Patay
Eleanor Shea Petrocelli
Ann Creeron Pirog
Carolyn Spinetti Reynolds
Louise Rowen-Kopp
Eileen Kennedy Schneider
Paul F. Sullivan
Andrew J. Synnott
Arlene P. Garrity Tenney
Paula A. Thomas
Mary T. Thompson
Paul F. Tighe
Newey T. Trelegan

Class of 1957
Mary McAdoo Adams
Robert P. Ahearn
Eileen Cannon Amburg
Judith M. Marchese Barta, RN
James J. Buckley, CPA
Dr. Lillian A. Buckley
Margaret A. Cabral
Sr. Mary F. Cahill, CSJ
Colleen Merna Capasso
Maureen Cronin Cardullo
Ralph M. Carvalho Jr.
Mary Wall Connell
Marie A. Conroy
Mary McGinn Corkery
Daniel J. Coughlin Jr.
Mary P. Crowley
Patricia Healion Delaney
Paul J. Doherty
Henry J. Egan Jr.
Paul V. Fish MEd, CADAC
Eugene F. Flanagan Jr.
Richard F. Garvin
Grayce Edwards Giglio
Joseph X. Grant
Margaret Savage Hallisey
James J. Harmon Sr.
Carol Pineault Hobaugh
Carole Nelson Jennings
Edward F. Knisell
Rosemary Eames Konig
Rev. William MacKenzie
Carol Ann Merna Madsen
James W. McCarthy
Philip A. McDonald
Daniel J. McSweeney
John R. Montminy
Rev. George R. Morgan OSA
Doris Carlin Murphy
Eleanor F. Murphy
Joanne E. Patturelli Murrin
Dorothy O'Neil O'Kane
James C. O'Rourke
Barbara J. Parece
Frederic W. Parker
Martha M. Powers
Barbara A. Leonard Quinn
Maureen McCarthy Ringler
Elizabeth A. Sheehan
Albert W. Sullivan
Julianne T. Tansey

Class of 1958
Marguerite Hayes Adam
Ann Keefe Bolger
Richard Bowerman
Patricia Downing Burke
Janet Hamilton Carr
Genevieve Hillis Clary
Ann Legere Connolly
Eleanor Connor
Robert J. Coughlin
William Cox
Patricia Kolifrath Coyne
Kenneth Cunha
Anthony DiChiara
Pauline Enright DiMatteo
Eleanor McKenna Dixon
Dr. Gerald Dolan
Gerard Duffy
Sheila Sullivan Foley
Brenda C. Gaffney
Mary K. Busalacchi Gaffney
Alice Gannon
Barbara Cashin Geoffrion
Thomas Hagerty
Angela Hammes
Patricia E. McRae Hannon
Eileen Doyle Harrington
Frances Fullerton Holland
Paul A. Jodice
Robert T. Kiernan
Martin J. Lee
John Lonergan
Diane Walsh MacNeil
Robert McDonough
Robert McElhenny
Nancy Cadogan McSweeney
William Monahan
Julia Fitzgerald Mulkerin
Catherine Murphy
Peter V. Nazzaro
James O'Connor
John A. Pasquale Sr.
Michael Power
Chuck Reimer
Marion Romano
Mary F. Shea
Claire Smith Picard
Edward P. Sullivan
Claire Tutela Topp
Paul R. Trigledas
Paula McMahon Vannicola

Class of 1959
Edward F. Baker
Jean L. Batchelder
Monica Flavin Bellevue
John (Jack) J. Berry Jr.
Priscilla Bateman Brown
James Carney
Helen C. Clory
Stephen J. Conroy
William J. Diskin Jr.
James P. Downey
Marianne Pollard Farrell
Frances M. Potts Fernandes
Frank J. Flanagan
Maurice E. Gillespie
Irene C. Giobbe
Janice Gottlich Gronberg
James W. Hackett
Maureen Caples Hansma
William F. Harmon Sr.
Joseph P. Hernon
David W. Kearn
Daniel J. Keough
Robert G. Kirby
Frederick E. Lynch
Mary Jane E McDonough
Donald B. McKinnon
Cornelius J. Minihane
Lawrence J. Murphy
Maureen Ann McKeone Murphy
Lt. Col. Philip J. Murphy USMC(Ret.)
Eleanor A. Nechaj
Frances M. O'Connell
Raymond Powell
Paula L. Schneider
Ruth Willey Steinberger
Peter J. Trigledas
Patricia Cosgrove Venuti
Ellen R. Regan Willand


Class of 1960
Leonard J. Bateman
Jacqueline M. Volo Bazzinotti
Bernie T. Bergeron
Patrick J. Cloherty
Jack Concannon
Ann McNichol Cooper
George W. Costello
Judith Lynch Cotter
George J. Dardis
John J. Driscoll
Audrey Moriarty Engel
Jeanne Carlin Evans
Robert L. Flannery
Arthur Gilman
John F. Haywood
Jane McGrath Hildre
Lorraine Perry Kingston
Michele B. Lioce
Ellen M. Connor Mann
Jerome J. Manning
Paul F. McDonough
Edward F. Murphy, Jr.
Virginia Scanlon Murphy
Paul C. Norton
James M. O'Connor Esq.
John W. O'Hear
Margaret Olsen O'Loughlin
Patricia McKelvey Pugh
Edward L. Riley
Elizabeth McManus Sargent
George H. Sweeney
William Wright

Class of 1961
Margaret "Peg" Cassidy
Walter J. Cavanaugh
Harold L. Coffey
M. Joyce McLellan Coffey
Anita Magliulo Cook
Brian J. Donnellan
Kenneth F. Dunn
Henry Flood
Richard F. Ford
Richard E. Gottlich
Hugh F. Hammill
Lawrence W. Holland
John F. Leary Jr.
Peter R. Lynch
Mary M. Murphy
Robert J. O'Keefe
Elizabeth Brady Robicheau
Kathleen Driscoll Russo
John J. Scaldini Jr.
Thomas J. Sheehan
Thomas R. Sliney
Eleanor Thornton Sullivan
Julianne M. Sullivan
Barbara M. Sweeney
James S. Sweeney
Joseph E. Woods

Class of 1962
James W. Allen
Joan R. Andrea
Stanley U. Bonello
Elizabeth M. Boyle
Paula J. Clory
John Dennis Coady
Cecelia A. Collins
Donald L. Curtin
Maureen Sullivan Devaux
Paul F. Driscoll
Mary M. Finnegan
Joan B. Fitzmaurice, PhD
Brenda Meagher Geheke
Eileen Walsh Harrington
Geroge M. Hynes II
Edward T. Kelly III, PhD
Wayne W. Maxwell
David R. O'Brien
James E. Perry
Mary Ellen Herlihy Powers
Geraldine H. Riemer
Calvin E. Selfridge
Francis J. Strout
2nd Lt. Mary Kathleen "Kate" Sullivan
Ronald L. Surette
Daniel F. Tobin Jr.
Nancy Timoney Trombetta
Kevin A. Walsh
J. Gerard Whelan

Class of 1963
Joseph H. Bellefontaine
Charles R. Borstel
Janice Tafralian Brown
Carl J. Canderozzi
Leonard W. Coady
Teresa McCabe Condon
John R. Conklin
John M. Connolly
Daniel J. Davis IV
Nancy T. DiGrezio
Robert K. Doherty
Alfonso J. Falco
George C. Kelly
Kathleen L. McKenna
Nancy T. Meirowitz
Geraldine Driscoll Meuse
Peggy Crowley Neely
James F. O'Brien
Linda Malone O'Leary
Raymond R. Puckett
Richard Reardon
Kathleen Dailey Robinson
William M. Ryan
The Honorable Michael F. Sullivan
Michele Mastrolia Talbot
Paul F. Thibault

Class of 1964
Ann Cudmore Baker
Jean Donahue Blanco
Peter C. Boyle
Michael A. Campbell
Thomas J. Cannon
Kathryn Irwin Coughlin
Robert K. Denning
Roy H. Dorman
Francis X. Drew, MD
John F. Kelleher Jr.
Thomas F. Kent
Walter M. Kishkis
James J. Kresel
Edward F. Landry
Paul J. Maguire
Richard A. McCourt
Jane Tiernan McDonough
Margaret Knowlton Murray
Ruth C. O'Brien
John R. O'Callaghan
Paul C. Powell
Mary McRae Robinson
Marie C. Reardon Schuler
Ellen G. Sullivan
Michael R. Sullivan
Brendan J. Synnott
Robert J. Tarantino

Class of 1965
Donald K. Black
Paul F. Bourke
James M. Bradley
Paul V. Cahill
Francis A. Campbell
Louisa A. Tomei Cavanaugh
Carol A. Cavicchi
Richard M. Courchesne
John J. Fitzgerald Jr.
John M. Herlihy
Robert E. Hogan
David G. James
Arthur H. Johnson
William C. Kelly
Charles L. Kelson
Karen M. Phaneuf McClimans
Michael J. O'Halloran
Walter F. Pero
Marie Delbuono Sartorio
Lois A. Suffredini Tamburino

Class of 1966
Richard C. Banks
Donna M. Leahy Consentino
Richard J. Curtin
Paul J. DeCourcy
Maureen A. Diggs
Deborah E. Flammia
Kevin E. Jennings
Kevin W. Kenney
Jan S. Kimborowicz
Sheila O'Leary Lafleur
Paul F. Longdin
Robert J. Loynd
Michael F. McNamara
Peter J. Minihane
John R. Nolan
Francis S. O'Callaghan
Robert W. O'Hara
Diane M. Quinn-Kritz
Linda Nanni Smith
Joseph A. Sousa
John R. Sylva
Raymond E. Sylvester

Class of 1967
John R. Ambrogne
Catherine J. Reardon Boyle
Diane Murphy Cabral
John E. Cloutier
Mary DiPietro Donadio
Marianne T. Emery Fuccillo-Major
Stephen P. Kelleher, MD
Margaret T. Kiley
Mary G. Kirk
Mary-Beth Krogh-Jespersen, PhD
Joseph G. Maloney, MD
Kenneth F. Mansir
Anthony A. Manzelli
John J. McGrath
Mary Crowley McNeill
Mary Lou Holman Moore
James M. O'Meara Jr.
Richard A. Pita
Anthony Serrano
Kevin R. Sheehan
John 'Jack' Slager

Class of 1968
Barbara McGinnis Brennan
John M. Crowe
William J. Killilea
Robert M. MacDonough
Stepphen R. MacKay
William A. McCarthy
Donna M. Milmore
Marie McKinnon Sheehan
Kevin M. Sullivan
John P. Sylvester
Jo Ann B. Ventola

Class of 1969
Joyce Szydlowski Carli
Eleanor F. Coleman
Mark J. Doyle
Katherine Laidley Fudge
Denis M. Gallant
Isabelle I. Horan
Ronald E. Laidley
James J. McDonald
Mary E. McDonald
Mary Anne Connolly Nolin
Michael T. O'Neill
Judith Johnson Shea


Class of 1970
James Keenan Bennett
Jeremiah A. Downing
Richard M. Haigh
Sheila Doiron Halloran
Denise Witkowski Hofmeister
Gary F. Jennings
Mary Adele F. Lopez
Theresa DiCiaccio Merzon
Robert M. Nigro
Daniel J. O'Connell
Patrick C. O'Shea
Paul Francis Pita
Owen W. Shields
Phyllis Ennion Varonakis
Frederick R. Voner, PhD
Robert Wayne Zell

Class of 1971
Kenneth Baker
Guy A. Baldassarre PhD
Christine Maloy Bonacci
Thomas J. Feld
Paul J. Harvey
Kevin R. McLaughlin
George F. Murray
Dennis C. Tagliaferro

Class of 1972
Thomas Walter Dedrick
Donald A. Fiore
Thomas Joseph Kiley
Stella Monahan LeDoux
Hope Mary Ryan

Class of 1973
Mary Walsh Davidson
Janet M. Kunsman
Gerald J. O'Keefe
Edward F. Sullivan
Paul C. Tallon
Gerard E.Tims
Michael F. Tobin
John J. Valeri

Class of 1974
William D. Boylan
Kathleen Mary Connelly
John Deane Connolly
Christopher Corcoran
Robert Fabiano
George A. Manzelli
Frank J. Paison
Nancy Colonna Philiphose
John S. Sheppard

Class of 1975
Michael T. Canty
Janet Marie Doyle
Mary Anne Eori
Kevin Sean Flynn
Loretta Marie Hanley
Gerard Joseph Reardon
Barbara Anne Robbin
Grace E. Drew Rotger
Barry J. Walsh

Class of 1976
Michael Armato
Christine Marie Baldwin
Brian P. Cashman
James J. Cunningham
Wanda Christine Donovan
Michael Vincent Fonzi
David Francis Hayes
Maureen Theresa Leary
Maureen C. Lynch
John F. MacEachern
Joseph G. Panniello
Lawrence G. Post
Paul Francis Roche

Class of 1977
Joseph R. Cloherty
Ann E. Collins
William J. Cotter
Elizabeth A. Durkin
Timothy J. Finn
William F. Gillespie
Stephen E. Minchello
Franz P. Moser
Kevin P. Murphy

Class of 1978
Sheila Ann Gallant
Michael Hickey
Janet M. Matarazzo
David G.C. McCann MD
Karen O'Brien Middleton
Robert John Powers
John Sheehan
Victoria O. Stone

Class of 1979
Gary P. Benoit
Robert J. Dabenigno
Kenneth J. Hayes
Scott Daniel Nanni
Sean Richard O'Connor
William D. Solberg


Class of 1980
Daphne G. Boudreau Baron
Nancy A. Cipriano
Joseph F. Long
James W. Packer
Jeanne Murphy Ryan
Cheryl Donahue Salemi

Class of 1981
Anita L. Cignetti
Mark Doyle
Rita Phillion Lopinsky
Joseph B. Perry
Nancy E. Whalen

Class of 1982
Susan L. Cunningham
Denise L. Dussault
Frederick Patterson
Kathleen M. Whittier Langthorne

Class of 1983
Michael R. Matarazzo
Christine Woods

Class of 1984
Kevin M. Burke
Laura R. Larochelle
Joel B. Reed Jr.
Stephen "Sully" Sullivan

Class of 1986
Paul R. Botolino
Kelly Ann Cloherty
Brian J. Kenneally
Margaret McCabe Leinberg
Jeanette Marsan

Class of 1987
Robert J. Arsenault
Eric Dahl
Carlo Defabritiis
Scott Toner

Class of 1988
Mark A. Lambert

Class of 1989
Allison M. D'Errico


Class of 1990
Jason M. Dedrick
RIchard J. DeNisi Jr.
Michael Gil
Michael D. Previte

Class of 1991
Daniel F. Lupo, Jr.
Michelle D. Roderick

Class of 1992
Maureen R. Martins Mehigan
Sean Sealy-Paguandas
Kevin Sousa

Class of 1994
Ricardo B. Melo
John O. Tobin

Class of 1996
Stephen D. Kanode

Class of 1997
James P. Considine III
Daniel A. Griffin
Shawn M. Keenan
Jillian Doherty McLaughlin

Class of 1998
Nancy Segal
Danielle Trant
Stephanie Visconti

Class of 1999
Kristen Aragona
John Pollander
Stephanie Bertone Wall
Melissa Walsh


Class of 2002
Edward J. Kelly Jr.
Daniel S. Urbano

Class of 2003
Anisa Bregasi

Class of 2004
Orazio Coco
Derek Surette

Class of 2007
Michael Paul Riley
Patrick M. Williams


Class of 2013
Sean Connerty

Class of 2016
Collin Connerty