Requirements for Participation

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At this time we are waiting for the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association and Governor's Covid Task Force for regulations for the Fall athletic season.  The Catholic Central League Athletic Director's continue to meet on a weekly basis to schedule athletic contests for the fall.  Adjustments will be made as the regulations are announced. At the present time the practice season can begin on September 14 and the first contests can begin on September 24.  


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Academic Eligibility

Students must be in good standing academically (which means they have failed no classes the previous marking period) in order to participate.

Updated Physicals

Each student must have an up-to-date physical on file in the Nurse’s Office. The date of the physical must be within thirteen months. Should the physical-exam expire ( older than 13 months), the student will be ineligible and would need a new physical to regain eligibility. It is recommended that each student bring in a copy of their updated physical to the nurse's office  or fax it to the Nurse's office at 617-661-2905. Athletes must have an up to date physical (within 13 months) in order to participate.

Please check your physical date as phsyical exams may take time to book. 

Online Registration

Each student must have a permission granted before tryouts by registering online here.

Impact Testing

Each potential student-athlete, if they have not done so already, must take the Concussion Impact Baseline Test. This has to be done before the first practice or tryout. Please call the Athletic Office to get a list of testing times. This test must be taken before taking part in any athletic activity.


User Fee

Beginning with the 2018-2019 school year, the Athletic User Fee is now included in the tuition cost. This change will ensure that athletics and extra curricular activities are fully supported for all students. Please contact Mike Lahiff, Athletic Director, with any issues concerning the change in user fee.

Please be aware that if one of the requirements above is not fulfilled, permission to participate in athletics will not be granted.

Transfer Students

If a student is new to Matignon High School and is not an incoming freshman they are considered a transfer by the MIAA (Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association). If a transfer student wishes to participate in athletics, they must see the Athletic Director as soon as possible.

International Students

Any International Students wishing to participate in athletics must see the Athletic Director at the start of each new school-year.


Loyalty to the High School Team: Bona Fide Team Members

A bona fide member of the school team is a student who is consistently present for, and actively participates in, all high school team sessions (e.g. practices, tryouts, competitions). Bona fide members of a school team are precluded from missing a high school practice or competition in order to participate in a non-school athletic activity/event in any sport recognized by the MIAA. Students cannot be given special treatment (late arrival, early dismissal, etc.) for non-school athletic programs. First Offense: Student athlete is suspended for 25% of the season (see chart on Rule 62). Second Offense: Student athlete is suspended for an additional 25% of the season, and is ineligible for tournament play immediately upon confirmation of the violation. See Rule 96 for additional tournament restriction and Rule 86 for waiver guidelines.