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Matignon Drama Company Does a Spectacular Job at DramaFest!

March 7, 2019


By Ellie Lynch '20


This past weekend our Drama Company competed at the Massachusetts Educational Theater Guild’s High School Drama Festival. Drama kids, young and old, packed into two Warrior Wagons at 6:30 a.m. to travel to Marshfield, where we would be performing The Greek Mythology Olympiaganza alongside 6 other schools. Dramafest is a competition run by the Massachusetts Educational Theatre Guild which invites 110+ schools to compete. Several schools host a preliminary round in which 8 schools compete to move onto the semifinals, and hopefully the final round! We performed alongside Marshfield, Hingham, Lynn Classical, Scituate,  and Silver Lake.

We performed at 12:15 p.m. and were the 4th show of the day. We only had a few minutes to load our set onto the stage. There were a few scary moments, but we were able to make it work out in the end. We went onstage and performed our hearts out. I was backstage making sure everything went smoothly in the wings while Arianna Dinardi was on the other side and Lilly Rushe was in the lighting booth. We did a great job! The other schools did fantastic as well; our favorite was Struwwelpeter written and performed by Sharon High School and Life, Off Book performed by Hingham High School. Our awesome and kind host school, Marshfield, performed Crimes of the Heart which we also enjoyed. After the shows, we had a pizza and dance party, and everyone had a blast.

At the awards ceremony, Jamol Williams won an award for his role as Hercules and his “spatula technique” as the first man, and Jordan DeCoste won an award for his roles as Jason, Paris, and Zeus. The judges were very impressed with his acting ability as he played the role of the unlikely hero very well. Katie Coviello and Richard Ata, our “dynamic duo” of narrators, also won acting awards. Jackie Lemieux won an award for her awesome lighting design, and our section erupted into cheers before the judges could even finish saying the show title! While we did not make it past this round,  we were very pleased with our awards and received excellent reviews from the judges. Overall, DramaFest was a great time!

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