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Science Fair Winners

February 5, 2020

On February 4th, freshmen and sophomore students participated in the Annual Science Fair at Matignon High School.  The science fair was coordinated by the Matignon High School Science Department, Our students displayed and presented their projects with a variety of original topics.
Congratulations to all of our students on their hard work! These are the 2020 Matignon High School Science Fair Winners:

1. Laura Bett: Bird migration study
2. Benjamin Pasto: The Caesar Cypher
3. William Van Camp: Weather Forecast in a bottle
1. Abigail Lynch: Raspberry Pi
2. Abigail Stiltner: The sound of science, acoustic vs electric piano
3. Abigail Reddivari: Can a nut energy heat up the water?
1. Gabriella Ortiz: Making biodegradable plastic using banana and orange peel.
2. Brigid Anderson: Bacteria and disinfectant
3. Duong Nguyen: Bacteria in fruit


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