Student Council

Welcome to the Student Council page!
The Father Matignon High School Student Council is comprised of students committed to ensuring our classmates and our community can truly “Expect Excellence.” We run a variety of events from Homecoming to Pep Rallies; fundraise for causes such as breast cancer research and disaster relief; and represent our student body of diverse, intellectual leaders. We believe in the service of others and strive to make our school community a more inclusive, interactive, and engaging experience for our peers.
The FMHS Student Council is made up of five (5) elected Offices per class year. These are the Offices of the President, of the Vice President, of the Secretary, of the Treasurer, and of the Intermediary. Any person who runs, but is not elected, is encouraged to serve on the Council as a Representative for their class. The Executive Board is comprised of the Senior Class Council and the Faculty Adviser who take precedence in their positions in order to execute the Council’s will.
We invite you to read some of the Council’s work including our Constitution and other Binding Legislation below!
Parliamentary Procedure of the Father Matignon High School Student Council
Constitution of the Father Matignon High School Student Council

Current Members

Seniors (2021):

President of the Council - Dylan Griffith
Vice President of the Council - Shania Rimpel
Secretary of the Council - Amanda Curran
Treasurer of the Council - Abigail Boyle
Intermediary of the Council - Haley Zubrzycki


Juniors (2022):

Junior Class President - Domenic Hoxholli
Junior Class Vice President - Jayda Bbosa 
Junior Class Treasurer - Abigail Reddivari
Junior Class Secretary - Abigail Stiltner
Junior Class Intermediary - Daniel Liu


Sophomores (2023):

Sophomore Class President - Zaina Quereshi
Sophomore Class Vice President - Alexandra Baldwin
Sophomore Class Treasurer -Leah Carozza
Sophomore Class Secretaries - Caroline Fiorenzio, Sheltz Pierre
Sophomore Class Intermediary - Kaila Penrose

Freshmen (2024):

Freshmen Class President -  Tia Farah
Freshmen Class Vice President - Kayla Haughton
Freshmen Class Secretary - Taina Delino
Freshmen Class Treasurer - Cece Yee
Freshmen Class Intermediary - Lexi Lingley


Sean Coughlin
Syndey Rosa

Brigid Anderson

Susannah Coviello

Madison Fallon

Alana Matthews 

Bridget McConnell

Gabriella Ortiz

Sydney Williams

Elyse Gobbi
Ava Noel Marino
, Lina Chniouli
 Ngo Thi Quynh Hoa