Student Council

The Matignon Student Council is comprised of many students with the common goal of making the Matignon Family the best it can be for its students. In Student Council, these students share the ideas, interests, and concerns of the student body with the administration and the Parents Association. The Matignon Student Council runs events such as Homecoming, holiday festivities, and pep rallies.

The Matignon Student Council is comprised of an elected group of students who represent their classmates. There are five elected positions for each class. These are the offices of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Intermediary. At Matignon, those who run but are not elected have the opportunity to serve their grade as a Student Representative, in which they may share their ideas with the Council.


The Office of the President

The President is the face of their respective class. The President is responsible for representing their class in front of the Administration and for taking the lead role in running activities. The President of the Senior Class is the leader of the Matignon Student Council and presides over Student Council meetings.


The Office of the Vice President:

The Vice President acts as a partner to the President. They help the President run events. The Vice President becomes acting President when the President is unable to serve (ie absent). The Vice President of the Senior Class presides over meetings when the President of the Senior Class is unable to preside.


The Office of the Secretary

The Secretary takes notes of each Student Council meeting and records important information. They keep a record of each discussion that the council uses as reference and draft documents of proposals for administration. The Secretary is responsible for the organization of school events and controlling the schedule.


The Office of the Treasurer

The Treasurer is in charge of introducing fundraising ideas for their grade and for the Council at large. The Treasurer also ensure that all monetary transactions are handled properly. The Senior Class Treasurer is the head of money management the council.


The Office of the Intermediary

In order to best represent the student body, the Intermediary acts as a bridge between the students of their grade and the Matignon Student Council. The Intermediary runs polls and gages student interest in certain clubs, activities or events.

Current Members

Seniors (2019):

President: Anthony Fabrizio

Vice President: Isabella Drago

Secretary: Jesse Kapstad

Treasurer: Diana Matarazzo

Intermediary: Katherine Coviello

Student Representatives: Jessica Curran, Rada Ruggles, Tran Van


Juniors (2020):

President: Anh Nguyen and Patrick Stanton

Vice President: Frentzhermann Solidaire

Secretary: Christina Fallon

Treasurer: Megan Lynch

Intermediary: Jacqueline Lemieux

Student Representatives: Natalie Bett, Olivia Domingos, Henry Liu, Mia Wieczorek


Sophomores (2021):

President: Dylan Griffith

Vice President: Sean Coughlin

Secretary: Amanda Curran

Treasurer: Abigail Boyle and Haley Zubrzycki

Intermediary: William Carroll

Student Representatives: Adriana Ortiz, Shania Rimpel, Sydney Rosa


Freshmen (2022):

President: Gracie O’Connell

Vice President: Domenic Hoxholli

Secretary: Madison Fallon

Treasurer: Abigail Reddivari

Intermediary: Susannah Coviello

Student Representatives: Jennifer O’Connell, Gabriella Ortiz, Carson Reidy, Zoe Titus