Campus Ministry

The Matignon Campus Ministry Office, among other things, facilitates opportunities for worship, prayer, and service.

Students are encouraged to seriously approach their service, keeping in mind the program’s mission:
The mission of our community is to be bearers of Christ. Remembering the two greatest commands given in our tradition, “to love God” and “to love our neighbor,” we find the foundation of Christian service.  In addition, while we are called to love and care for those closest to us, Christ loved those who were difficult to love. The call to Christian service is a challenge to look beyond our own small worlds and to engage in work that is transformative and places us in direct contact with others.

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Students are invited to participate in liturgical ministries, to head campaigns for service and awareness, and are daily challenged to live with virtues of respect, compassion, love, and faith. Students are encouraged to honestly and earnestly explore their faith and to openly and respectfully dialogue with diverse traditions and beliefs. Each class also participates in a yearly retreat, which provides opportunities for prayer, spiritual reflection, and community-building.

Consistent with the school's founding mission, the Campus Ministry program emphasizes leadership and service to others. Therefore, each student must complete a service program, which integrates interaction with others and self-reflection. The Christian Service requirement is further bolstered by reflection and sharing within the theology curriculum. In addition, the Matignon Community regularly responds to the call for service and compassion and maintains a close relationship with agencies such as Cradles to Crayons, the Saint Boniface Haiti Foundation, Catholic Relief Services, local food banks, and many other causes.

Christian Service Form