Christian Service Program

Details and forms for service program

Efficiamur Christiferi
"Let Us Be Christ Bearers"

The Matignon High School community recognizes the importance of being active participants in our communities.  Our motivation comes from our Christian calling to care for the life and dignity of others.  In our effort to be “Christ Bearers” we engage in transformative Christian service throughout the Greater Boston Area and beyond.  Volunteer locations not listed here must be approved by a Campus Minister.

Christian Service Form
A service form, which can be downloaded here, must be completed at the time of service and turned into Campus Ministry immediately after.


Medical/Science Field

Elderly Services

Youth Services

Faith/Parish Community

  • Volunteer for the Religions Education program or other important services at your local parishes
    • Contact your parish office to volunteer

Developmental Disabilities

Other Sites/Service Site Listings

Extended Service Trips


Organizing Walks

  • If you organize and promote a walk, you can receive hours for the time you put into organizing it. It must first be approved by Campus Ministry. 
  • If you participate in a walk, you will receive 2 hours for the walk regardless of the number of hours you walk.