The Matignon Difference

The Quest for $15,000!

We need you to help us secure $15,000! Matignon High School has always been, and will continue to be a unique experience for all who attend. Matignon is many things to many people, but over time a few facts have remained the same for us all:

Matignon is home.

Matignon is needed.
Matignon is faith.

Matignon is family.

Now more than ever we need you to ensure the Matignon Difference. A Matignon trustee has pledged $15,000 to the Fund for Matignon if we can renew 100 donors in the month of June! What does that mean?

  • Over the last 10 years more than 1,500 have supported Matignon with a donation
  • This year more than 1,000 of them have NOT made a gift to the school
  • We need just 100 to renew with a gift this year to help us secure $15,000!

Will you be a part of the Matignon Difference?
Make your gift TODAY!

We are asking you to show us what Matignon means to you. What was the Matignon Difference for you? How can you help carry on the Matignon tradition for others? Be a part of the excitement! Be a part of the future of Matignon!

A New Year, A New Need:
This year we aim to raise over $500,000 to help students in need, create new learning opportunities, and ensure Matignon's place in the future! Join our efforts! Make your gift to Matignon High School Today:

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Still not sure what the Matignon Difference is? Listen to our students, alumni, and staff share what Matignon means to them today.

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The Fund for Matignon Needs You!

Our June Challenge: 100 Renewed Donors to get $15,000!

Date: June 27
Donors: 78
Remaining to Goal: 22

Why Give:

  • Bridge the gap between tuition, $10,450, and the actual cost to educate a student, $15,500
  • Support students with financial scholarships
  • Offer new opportunities, teams, and clubs for our community

Who supports us:
Our alumni, current and past parents, students, faculty, staff, friends, employers, local organizations and companies.

When to give:
Gifts make an immediate difference, give today!